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Nokturnal's sounds cover a very wide range of genres from intelligent psydub and chillstep, to progressive breaks, progressive house and atmospheric drum and bass. His true skills however are shown during the night time hours when he can take a trancefloor from the deep side of funk and the dark side of groovy all the way to the in your face bliss of sonic enlightenment. Nokturnal is a DJ's DJ, and a trance addicts perfect fix.

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All These Things
Released: Nov 1, 2006
Genre: Progressive - Breaks
Length: 1:19:51
Size: 166mb
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Track List:

1. Jordan Daniel - Plastic Revolution
2. Aural Seduction - Dark Clouds Over Oslo (Rayan Papa Rmx)
3. Orchid - Almost Grey
4. Siberian Son - Venus
5. Noel Sanger - Carry On
6. Ozur & Rouzbeh - Eternity
7. Mortar & Pestle - Clause 5.1
8. Brad Copeland - Hide
9. Blake Jarrel & Starkid (Momus with Cream Rmx) - Apricot
10. Chable & Fernandez - Before You Break On Me
11. Phil K & Habersham - Cloudbrake
12. LP & Shiloh - All those Things



This mix has been in the works ever since I completed my last progressive breaks mix Muse. I realise that anyone who is big into these types of breaks may already be familiar with most or all of these tracks, but they are my favorite choice tunes that I have wanted to link together for quite awhile now. I very rarely hear these types of breaks played out, so I hope they find a few others out there who will be swept away by them as much as I am. As well, the title of this mix is a bit of a nod to LP and Shiloh for the last track on this compilation which I think is a really brilliant gem, awesome work lads!!



"OMG, awesome mix. Slapped it into my ipod today and it got me through my workout lickity split. Very smooth blending and flawless beatmatching. I haven't been listening to a lot of prog breaks sets lately, so that LP/Shiloh track is still a welcome addition to any mix. Excellent work"
- Maclintok

"Breaks really aren't my forte, but I was pleasantly surprised. Great sense of atmosphere, very warm and euphoric; evoking to the senses. It has a comfortable underwater feel, with fizzy bubbles tickling up your legs. It's exactly what I needed, some sensitive tunes. Thank you. f*** Cafe del Mar. I've got Nokturnal!"
- Deedee

"So I have been listening to All These Things several times over, the usual fare, listening to it late at night, sometimes twice in a row, while I work, in the car, falling asleep, etc. Everywhere. All the time. And it is incredible. Your mixing is flawless. Genius. You meld tracks together very well. Besides that, you take good care in choosing a sound that is really unified and intense.I am forced to listen, that is what I like. The closer I listen, the more I am rewarded. This is not like over-produced pop music, it is random sparks of genius where producers have created tracks from pure simple beauty, and their gems have most likely been underrated or underappreciated. When sober people who know WTF is going on come out to hear you play and find themselves inspired, energized, or even floored (as I am) it must be said... you do a fine, fine job. Only a true musician and artist could craft what you have crafted. LOVE it. keep it coming..."
- Joel

"Super tight man! It sounds amazing, this is the crossover I have been wanting for a while. Prog breaks meets intelligent trancy. Perfect. Love it! Keep it up brotha!"
- Spirit

"Excellent music and perfect mixing! Very real, positive and progressive trip! Something specifically and extra!"
- Dj Tod

"Very lush, melodic start... love this sound... the build-up towards darker sounds is very well executed. Lovely work honest. Keep it up. Will keep this one in my archive for sure. "
- Salva

"Awesome, totally awesome!!! Luv,"
- Jessica

"NICE work! Great mix. Come down and play in Portland!"
- Zig Zag

"Finally listened to this the other day, nice breaks mix, I enjoyed it!"
- Sunrunner

"I am really diggin the mix Darvin! When I seek out breaks I usually search for the chunkiest flat out stuff I can, although a lot of diverse material including chill chunes really does it for me when employing a break-based percussion structure. It is just the best beat possible I reckon. The selection of tracks you have used has a fantastic dreamy cruisey emotive kind of feel to them. Music categories are so shit sometimes so I have never looked into or known what progressive breaks are; I am sure they have developed their name separately from the psy progressive understandings, but I would liken the feel of these progressive breaks compared to breaks/dnb in a similar way as to psy progressive compared to psytrance. The progressive world is opening up to me only recently and I am really enjoying it! A friend of mine once noted that to get intensity in music you just have to have strings - that is, samples from the string section of an orchestra. And it is so true! An observation that initially seems wierd but it usually adds this emotion tugging edge to shit that rules! I noticed some of the tracks in the mix using this technique. I like the extra amounts of synth melodies compared to standard breaks too. 14 minutes into the mix literally gave me goosebumps on only the second listen! I was not focussing so much on the mixing as the tracks were more my interest at this stage, but everything seemed to flow together very well with no obvious seams. It is probably harder to mix this kinda stuff due the the lower amount of noises in the tracks therefore making changes more noticeable. Nice work dude! Thanks for opening up my music appreciation world even more!"
- Niium

"Hiya Darvin, nice one!! I like it alot whenever I see that you have posted up a new mix, I always know it is gonna be a good one... keep up the great work!"
- Bindi

"Wow, so pretty... I guess I like progressive breaks! (I am not good with music genres)"
- Snafu

"That last track IS a good one! Not so crazy about the hoover bass (which has gotten too-popular in progressive lately) but I really like those pitchshift/autotune effecting on the vocals. The breakdown is really pretty. It would be nice to hear a similar mix with a little less wankery. "
- Kenny

"It is not too bad. Much fluffier than the prog trance I have heard but it is very relaxing. I will definately have another listen later. "
- Gher

"Great work! It was not what I was expecting... much more trancey... I like the latter half especially. Overall it had a very polished sound to it. The Shiloh track is getting a bit overplayed by every proggy breaks DJ I have listened too, but still a great way to climax a set"
- Clearvision

"Shiloh - All those Things - I had never heard this before but I have fallen in love with it, thanks!"
- Sanchez

"Well as you know from my posts on djf, this is a great mix! Very polished and smooth, songs compliment each other nicely. Starts off mellow, and gradually builds to the energy level of the titular tune. Seems like you put in some harmonic mixing, and a lot of thought into the programming. Highly recommended to anyone who likes progressive music! "
- Clearvision

"Just wanted to let you know I really enjoy this mix. It makes me happy, yay to prog breaks."
- Liam

"Really well done! Very tightly put together."
- Nuera

"I'm liking the wide variety of drum sounds, the trancey bits, and the dark sounds that jump out about 1/3 of the way through. To me your mix is like rolling a die of EDM genres and getting a little of a bunch of sides. It also doesn't hurt that the bass bumps nicely in headphones."
- 421

"Totally diging your stuff man!!!! You GOTTA come to Portland/Seattle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
- Doodlinggirl

"Excellent selection of tracks, thank you so much for getting them out there. You are totally correct that you don't generally hear the deep, exceptionally well produced breaks tracks on big sound. We've got a large collective of jungleists here in SB, and a great core of breakbeat folks. Being one of the old guys, I have been introducing them to the really tripped out progressive, tech and glitch movements. Including Phil K/Habersham just nails it, thanks! That, and some new producers you have turned me onto... Happy 2007 to You!"
- Mark

"Its been a long long time since I have listened to something that can literally enhance my mood. I loved the euphoric vibes coming from this set. I loved it through and through. I know that progressive breaks have been around for a while now, but I never got around to checking out the genre until now. I can picture this being played at a lounge or an after hours club where people just want to un-wind after a long night of partying. Its really good stuff I think I am going to check out more progressive breaks, maybe even buy some."
- Preston Young

"Stunning set. Really great. Im not usually into breaks that much but this was really good."
- THE Chris

"Excellent mix mate! Definately loving the proggy-breaks. Oh btw, Muse was excellent as well."
- adx

"This mix is an all-time favorite of mine and Jay's (my boyfriend), it's in the "life collection" for sure, thanks for that!"
- Alicia (Soulus)

"Absolutely AMAZING mix man! was listening in DT at school earlier today and i just couldn,t stop listening. I'm into breaks but i never really heard this style of breaks much. but this mix just wanted me to buy loads of chilled breaks and MIX! seamless transitions and worked well from the more chilled style to more techy, great job man. 1 of my favorite sets iv heard yet REP"
- ekajjake

"Been checking out the whole "progressive" genre for a little while now.. just now really getting into it, and I think this is the tightest mix I've come across... "
- thesleepygenius

"Very nice mix man, I'm into these types of progressive breaks myself... great mix man, loved the tracks, I have 'Plastic Revolution' and 'Hide' myself. I'm just like you, on the lookout for gorgeous progressive breaks tracks. I've got a bunch and if you ever need any recommendations, feel free to hit me up! Thanks for sharing!"
- Dj Cisper


Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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