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Music, all forms and styles,
makes me complete.
dj nocturnal




dj nokturnal

Nokturnal's sounds cover a very wide range of genres from intelligent psydub and chillstep, to progressive breaks, progressive house and atmospheric drum and bass. His true skills however are shown during the night time hours when he can take a trancefloor from the deep side of funk and the dark side of groovy all the way to the in your face bliss of sonic enlightenment. Nokturnal is a DJ's DJ, and a trance addicts perfect fix.

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Area 709
Zenon Records


Noteworthy Past Events:

Boom Festival – Portugal
Burning Man – Nevada
Symbiosis – California, USA
Oracle Gathering - Seattle
Shambhala (2003-2007, 09) – Canada
Goa Nights – India
Motion Notion (2004 - 2013) - Canada
Eclipse Festival - Montreal
Moov Beachclub - Thailand
Astral Harvest - Canada
Conquest 1 - Australia
Lunarsun – California, USA
Dream Your Own Dream - Portland, USA
Mythic, Magic, Mystery - Portland, USA
Psychic Chakra – Colorado, USA


Artists I Have Performed With:

Psytrance: Atmos, Ace Ventura, Sensient, Tetrameth, Shadow Fx, Ticon, Beat Bizarre, Tetaktys, Motion, Tetrakyts, Solead, Rinkadink, Infected Mushroom, Wizzy Noise, Nystagmus, Human Blue, Eskimo, Astral Projection, Talamasca, Cosmosis, Treavor Moontribe, Brad Moontribe, Pied Piper Paul, Maxx of Biodegradable, Kode IV, Alex Tolstey, Downtempo: Sphongle, Deru, Bluetech, Andrew, Shen, Ott, Felix, Breaks: The Glitch Mob, Bassnectar, Krafty Kuts, Uberzone, Adam F, Tipper, Progressive Trance: John “00” Fleming, Scott Stubbs

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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