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Nokturnal's sounds cover a very wide range of genres from intelligent psydub and chillstep, to progressive breaks, progressive house and atmospheric drum and bass. His true skills however are shown during the night time hours when he can take a trancefloor from the deep side of funk and the dark side of groovy all the way to the in your face bliss of sonic enlightenment. Nokturnal is a DJ's DJ, and a trance addicts perfect fix.

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Children of the Night
Released: Dec 1, 2003
Genre: Psytrance - Minimal
Length: 1:13:46
Size: 154mb
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Track List:

1 Syncro - Porn
2 Phony Orphonts - Chocolate Icetea
3 Beat Bizarre - Deep Disco Profile
4 Timetech - At All Times
5 Beat Bizarre - Funk Fliud
6 Tarsis - Distance
7 Fiasco Systems - Fettometer
8 Vibrasphere - New Port
9 Cosma - Lemon Light
10 Tegma - Werewolf - Beat Bizarre Remix
11 Timetech - Notes
12 Beat Bizzare - Pony Sauce
13 P Woland - The Lovely Wife - Reefer Decree Remix



Based on a set I played at a fetish masquerade party, it is every bit as deep, dark and sexy as I envisioned it. During my set performers spun fire chains, as well as were pierced by rather large guage hooks through their back. Pleasure and pain are such strange bedfellows.



"Just wanted to let you know that I listen to your mixes all the time while I'm working. They are definatly some of the most insightfull and intelligent sets I've heard in awhile. Children Of The Night is one of my favorites. Anyways just wanted to give you a shout out for the great mixes."
- J-Byrd

"You have a superb flow!"
- Dave

"Man, this mix is so damn good. It's really tripping me out. I think I might have to buy your cd of this. Is it full CD quality? Like burned from a wav file, not mp3?"
- Osteen

"Hey Darvin, just starting to listen to your stuff! THANK YOU so much for making this available have what I crave, baby WOOOHOO!! When you coming to Vancouver?"
- Squishelle

"Right on brotha, this shit is tight. Don't suppose you'll be on the east coast anytime will ya? You should get in on the Gaian Mind festival in June!"
- Max

"I've just had a chance to listen to the full stream and this is quite a nice mix you've put together. Most of the tracks I haven't heard, but there's a couple that are real stormers! I especially like track four, and a very nice transition into it I might add. There's only about 3 or 4 tracks that I'd consider my typical PSY listening style, but overall I thought you did a great job with most mixes. Very nice set! 8.5/10"
- TwoHardCore

"I love these sleek proggy scandosounds... it's aural sex. ^_^ I'm only on the third track or so, but it's 0wning me already."
- Grahf

"Very good! Solid mix. I'm glad I decided to check it out. It's been awhile since I heard a mix like this, and it was really refreshing. Good job! I look forward to hearing more."
- Dylan Leroy

"Wow. I love how the start is so minimal and it gradually sucks you in. I listened to it at a time when I was in a lot of physical pain and it grabbed my mind and took me away on a peaceful journey... and when I came back I actually decided that winter was beautiful (if you know me - you know I am the queen of winter hating and that is a big acomplishment). Thank you for the awesome gifts you keep bringing to this community."
- Heather

"Very well mixed. Good track selection too...EDIT: Just have to double that! Actually it's quite a while since I heard something that were as great as this! Keep up the good work!"
- Ziddy

"Wow....opening track is making me crazy! Amazing work, I think this is my favorite one of yours."
- Michelle-y


Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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