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Music, all forms and styles,
makes me complete.
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Nokturnal's sounds cover a very wide range of genres from intelligent psydub and chillstep, to progressive breaks, progressive house and atmospheric drum and bass. His true skills however are shown during the night time hours when he can take a trancefloor from the deep side of funk and the dark side of groovy all the way to the in your face bliss of sonic enlightenment. Nokturnal is a DJ's DJ, and a trance addicts perfect fix.

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Fed Into Time
Released: Jul 7, 2009
Genre: Techno - Minimal
Length: 1:19:27
Size: 182mb
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Track List:

1. Patterns Of - BLT & Danni Makou - A Balter Extended Remix
2. Snapshot - Anna
3. Unknown - Unknown
4. Las Toballas - Santos Resiak
5. Webs Of Lies - Nikola Grebovic
6. I Have To Leave This World - Anna
7. Green Ghost - Elon
8. Fed On Youth - FALSE
9. Space - Minilogue
10. Instinto Primario - Oel & Polygon
11. SQAP - Sean Quin & Andy Page - Habershams FearMonster3000 Remix
12. The White Flash feat Thom Yorke  - Modeselektor - Trentemoller Remix
14. You Might Hear Nothing - Umek
14. Schwarze Gold - Anna - Phase Remix



Buddhist philosophers and modern day physicists claim that our perception of time is nothing more than how we humans happen to make sense of our reality. That may be the case, but simply knowing this to be true does not make it any easier to escape from the relentless march of each second, minute, day and so forth.

Time seems almost cruel in the way that it wraps it's arms around our lives; when we suffer it seems to last forever and when the good times are here and now then they are quickly just a fleeting memory. As we age the people we love begin to pass away and we are left with a sense of guilt for not having spent more time with them when they were alive. But I wonder, was there actually more time to spend?

Every moment of our lives is like an offering to Time, and no matter how much we sacrifice to it, it never seems to be enough. It has no body to lash out against in our rage and pain, Time simply "is", which makes it seem all the more cold and unjust. Who we are, those we love, all that we create, it is all relentlessly fed into time.


Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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