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Nokturnal's sounds cover a very wide range of genres from intelligent psydub and chillstep, to progressive breaks, progressive house and atmospheric drum and bass. His true skills however are shown during the night time hours when he can take a trancefloor from the deep side of funk and the dark side of groovy all the way to the in your face bliss of sonic enlightenment. Nokturnal is a DJ's DJ, and a trance addicts perfect fix.

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Luna Tech
Released: Feb 1, 2005
Genre: Psytrance - Progressive
Length: 1:12:17
Size: 150mb
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Track List:

1 Son Kite - Let Us Be
2 Antix - Chase
3 Frogacult - The Black Mamba
4 Lunaspice - Tixaan
5 XV Kilst - Pornblocker
6 Antix - Darko
7 Buzzmonx - Shift
8 Heliotrope - Hellion
9 FREq vs Spherical - Suzuki Sun
10 FREq - Return of the Masters
11 FREq - Spacechanger
12 Mondayz Millionaires - Coldies for Goldies
13 Son Kite - Let us Be (vocal sample)



I LOVE PROGRESSIVE PSY!! To me it is one of the most creative and cutting edge sounds being produced right now in the world of electronica. It has elements of tribal house, progressive house, tech trance, psytrance and ambient/down tempo.

I am often temped to play a whole set of it when performing but I usually always step up into harder psytrance as I am worried that dancers will not find it intense enough. This recording was an attempt to show that this music can be all one needs. I wanted a CD that did not deviate from the progressive sound and to do that I stayed away from any tracks that had a classic reverberating psytrance bassline of any sort.

Compiling this mix took me approximately 40 hours, and it very nearly drove me totally bonkers as I was having some serious issues with direction and transitions. When I attempted to mix it however I got it on the first try so I was very happy about that as I was dreading another couple of weeks of trying to get it mixed well enough that I was satisfied with it. It is not as tight as other mixes of mine, but I was inspired by Rusty's mix ONE SHOT NO CHASER, and as well by conversations I had shared with him about what a good mix cd should be: that flaws are exciting and add a element of humanity to a CD.

And I had to add a little hats off to my close friend Jay (Jintonik) at the very end of my mix by borrowing an idea he used at the start of his WAY TO GILEAD mix. Feel free to share your thoughts on this one!



"What do you mean coming soon? This thing is pretty wicked in its current state. Still the master of driving and techy minimalistic madness."
- Wes

"Powerful spontaneous emission, Nokturnal... enjoyed the flow for sure...very interesting segues give good groove."
- Azul

"Darvin, I love the new psy mix! Antix: Lull has been my favorite psytrance cd for about 5 months now, I even thought about emailing you when I first heard track 1, Darko. I though "now THIS, is trance!". I crave that minimal progressive sound. We just got hooked up with high speed here at our new house in Halifax. Being able to listen to the 709 mixes whenever I want is such a treat, I will always plug the site and support you guys. Keep up the great work and I hope that 2005 brings you much joy. Miss you and everyone else in Calgary, peace."
- Ben

"I thought the music was AWESOME! Do you ever travel down to the states?"
- Mama Gaea

"You BEATFREAK, Absolutely Unbelievable! LUNA TECH is one of the best sets I have ever heard. I need to get this one!"
- Francescobubbles

"Awesome mix mate... I like it!"
- Dan

"Nice choons... I really liked your mix!"
- Amanita

"Hello, I really like this mix... some nice progressive in here, and mixed really well. Keep it up!"
- Sunrunner

"Wow... this is beautiful, I love it!!"
- Pax

"This mix is incredible, I absolutely love it. I just burned a copy and I can't wait to listen to it full blast in my car. I can't get past the 3rd track, I just keep listening to that one over and over! Seriously, there's nothing I don't love about that track; the floating, the echo-y sounds, and how pensive it is at first, and how it gets just a touch nastier towards the end. Its a definite bum wiggler babe... a bum wiggler indeed. And the female vocal that whispers "our house", its hot. Hot hot hot. I loooove it."
- Irena

"Not my style, but VERY well put together IMHO. Good work."
- DaveJeff

"What a NICE Valentine's gift this is! We're listening to it right now and it is very very tasty! Nice and tight. Sweeeeet build-up of intensity, woohoo!! We're burning a CD of it at the same time so can enjoy it again another time. THANKS for sharing."
- Anneke

"This is what im talking about!! Great smooth mix, I'm not a big psy fan but this set got me thinking... The first 3 or 4 songs are perfect, especially for the trance community. They have psy underpinings but have colorful trancey feels. Tracks slow down for a bit then pick up again around 33 min. These are the kinds of sets I like; that showcase sounds not songs. What I mean is that when chosing your tracks you obviously dont just pick the pop tunes or the massive tracks to fill the void, you choose songs with certain sounds that you want to make your set have a certain feel. I respect that you wanted to stick to the progressive sound. I think if you added more standard psytrance to it I wouldn't like it as much. My only complaint is that I craved for a vocal melody. NOT A VOCAL SONG, but a melody that you could hang onto, something with a voice (if you know what I mean) I dunno. But it felt like the set didn't have a real high point. Great well rounded set with a unique and cutting edge feel. I give it a 9/10. keep it up!!"
- Dj Metatron

"Hey bro, I gave your cd a real good listen last night, I think I fell asleep close to the end but it sounds fucking brillant, as always. As far as tightess goes I wouldn't worry about it at all, its really good. The first mix is fucking awesome! I'll listen to it again tonight so I can hear the end still within conciousness then get back to you again with more later. The programming is slick, as good as ever, maybe even your best programming ever. If I had a complaint about it, it would be its almost too smooth, too well thought out! If that can be a complaint, ha!"
- Jintonik

"Very nice set =D I said to my friends here in Brazil to listen your set... they liked it a lot =D greetz"
- Rohr

"Well then I think you succeeded with making "each transition purposful, and each track perfect" there mate 'cos I thought this mix was outstanding. Seamless mixing and excellent progression. Only thing is, it's not really what I would've called progressive psy. Obviously it is 'cos you say so and know more about it than I do, but it sounds very similar to early Sasha & Digweed Global Underground efforts which I always thought were progressive trance , rather than progressive psy trance. But I'm probably just splitting hairs."
- Tyssen

"1 word mate TUNE!!!! keep up the good work!!"
- Anonymous

"Great mixing!! It's definately progressive, but I don't know if I would label it psy. I definately dig it though. Nice work mate. =) edit: The more I listen to it...I guess you can consider it psy"
- Slyde

"Well I really enjoy listing to this mix! I can't give an in-depth review of it from just listening to it twice but I can say that it hits all the points I look for in a dancemix: 1. track selection/progression is perfect! 2. smooth onbeat uplifting and interesting mixes 3. again, great progression that keeps it going 4. tribal,groovy, psychedelic, pumping and thumping! 5. the set explores the progressive genre very well from club to tribal to psy to vocal to you name it. Good job mate, mixing prog is hard and it takes a great deal of skill. Respects :) 9/10"
- Green

"Beautiful stuff man! I love the floaty nature of it all. Very, very nice! (And yes, very proggy too! hehe)."
- Dj Life And Death

"Very good mate! Nice tunes too (although you're right it is extremely proggy!). The mixing is really well done."
- Watts

"Jai Nokturnal, Your rhythms are bright like angels dancing in the sky! I am new to trance & techno... and I like what I hear, and the rhythms of your music talks the language of our heart, so I REALLY like the rhythm of your beat. Thanks for sharing your light!!!"
- Viveka

"You're right about the psy/prog issue. I was expecting the same but was pleasantly surprised. This was refreshing. As you said, this is on the progressive end of the psytrance scale. The track selection was well thought out and the mixes were smooth and flowing. Well done. I would love to hear a set like this in the morning, out in the desert, a cool breeze on my face, the sun just beginning to peak over the horizon..."

"Darvin, It's about time you came south O' the boarder, (San Francisco) but until you do this will have to do, blah!!! Also, as if you need to hear it again, and many of us agree, LUNATECH is one of the best sets out there. Keep bringing the sound brother! Peace is the Journey."
- Francescobubbles

"The tracklist looks wonderful; if I would play progressive I'd choose the same artists... top of the line proggie bizness! Excellent skills bro, Cheers!"
- Vasili

"Great sounds Nokturnal... I've been listening to this one and the Wander Fall set you put up... great stuff!!! Thanks for sharing, namaste!"
- Alien Kissed

"Nice mix, I usually don't dig this type of trance but I really liked this mix. After listening to it a couple of times I have to say this mix fucking rocks, good shit Nokturnal!"
- wpbgator

"This is the good and groovy side of psytrance, nice to hear in a mix. Here are some specific comments while listening here at work: - the beginning is all smooth, sedate, nicely groovin'... - the transition into and out of Darko is awry to my ears - though the first FREq track changes the flow of the mix drastically from the relatively understated beats of Buzzmonx and, to a lesser extent, those of Hellion, you manage to pull this off with the right timing... throwing the Buzzmonx in earlier or padding the flow with another tune between Hellion and Suzuki Sun may have been advantageous - FREq mixes well with FREq of course! Usually I begin mixing Spacechanger from the end of the first break (around... 7:36? or so?), not the beginning. It can make for a tighter transition - less downtime from that first big break... - the length of some of your mixes here seem a little short (which isn't to say that none are long or that -all- mixes should be long)... - it ends fairly nicely, though I note that more than half of the mix is Iboga material often I challenge myself to change it up, though I must admit I have a tendancy to drop a lot of Iboga as well. I hope that is of some help! Keep in mind plenty of this is subjective and dependant on style/taste, so take it or leave it as you wish. I liked the mix!"
- Basilisk

"With this mix, Darvin has truly defined and captured the elusiveness of trance at its purest. This mix isn't psytrance, it isn't progressive and isn't tech trance. It is a collection of sounds that can't be categorized into one genre and exude intelligence with every beat. Luna Tech is a masterpiece that won't be appreciated by everyone, but will be truly enjoyed by those who appreciate dance music on a higher level. He's taken it up a step higher once again!"
- WS

"DJ Nokturnal's mix, "Luna Tech", is astonishingly good in its depth and soulfulness. It materializes the trance optic state of geometry and imaginary visions into a dreamy ethereal fabric. Sweeping textures camouflage the groove, distorting and influencing states of consciousness. It's a masterfully guided journey through groovy hypnotic atmospheres. Smooth mixing and empathetic track selection make this a must listen! Don't miss this chance to hear one of Calgary, Canada's best!"
- Bob Trahpek Z I A - T R A N C E Psychedelic Goa Trance Streaming Radio

"Good long new work!!! In the world of the music, right!"
- Anonymous

"One of the best prog mixes I have heard. Keep it up!"
- Dmtree

"DJ Nokturnals mix, "Luna Tech", is astonishingly good in its depth and soulfulness. It materializes the trance optic state of geometry and imaginary visions into a dreamy ethereal fabric. Sweeping textures camouflage the groove, distorting and influencing states of consciousness. It is a masterfully guided journey through groovy hypnotic atmospheres. Smooth mixing and empathetic track selection make this a must listen!"
- Bob Trahpek, Ziatrance Radio

"Got to say preferred 'Illucid' to this one 'Luna Tech' I was surprised because I like Freq and there were 3 to get your teeth into, I guess its because there is a more balance set of tracks on the other set. Excellent sound and perfect handling, beat was just right for me. Still think its a great set but just behind 'Illucid' but that was really an excellent set, still playing it. It just fits into a steady mood, maybe with a few listens this one will be the same, it follows it on my list in the ipod, so there's a good chance it will. Thanks for sharing your work, it is appreciated. Cheers"
- Dereklangold


Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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