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Music, all forms and styles,
makes me complete.
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dj nokturnal

Nokturnal's sounds cover a very wide range of genres from intelligent psydub and chillstep, to progressive breaks, progressive house and atmospheric drum and bass. His true skills however are shown during the night time hours when he can take a trancefloor from the deep side of funk and the dark side of groovy all the way to the in your face bliss of sonic enlightenment. Nokturnal is a DJ's DJ, and a trance addicts perfect fix.

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Released: Apr 1, 2004
Genre: Progressive - Breaks
Length: 1:17:39
Size: 250mb
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Track List:

1. Leaving Tifton - Habersham & Numinous(Digital Witchcraft Miles From Melbourne Mix)
2. On A Bridge PT 2 - Halogen vs Nash T. (Blue Room Project Remix)
3. Space Manouvers 3 - Quivver
4. Mind Rewind - Cass (Momu Remix)
5. Oneric - Benz & MD (Shiloh Mix)
6. Word Unspoken - Blackwatch (Luke Chable Mix)
7. Alive - Infiniti vs Keith Mackenzie (Bleek Mix)
8. Elysium - Duran & Aytek
9. Chemical Shift - Sleep Freaks (2 Sinners Remix)
10. Costa Nostra - Ben & Lex
11. Instinct - Rising Rhythm (Inkfish Remix)
12. Hayling - FC Kahuna (Ils Remix)



Certain people make us feel a certain way when we are in their presence. I can think of very specific moments I have shared with some very special people that have made me feel humbled to have them in my life. The way someone moves, the playfulness in their voice, the radiance in their eyes........... these simple things and so many more make me dizzy............ and I fall silent. And out of my silence comes music. Who was my muse for this recording? I am sure she knows. ;)



"Hi there. I haven't heard a progressive breaks mix this good in a VERY long time. You have serious talent that by the sounds of things, keeps improving."
- J.S.

"Hello!! Just been enjoying MUSE...thanks for posting it on the Shambhala page. I like the depth and rythm of the tracks you selected for muse... I can feel... the journey... can feel myself eyes closed morning light just starting to break open the night, bare feet connecting beat to earth somewhere in the forest... dance is always a journey. Nice fluid transitions from track to track... seemless... So yeah let me know how I can get ahold of some of your CDs. Cause I'm loving it."
- Angela

"Ooooooh... Mongo Likee! ¡Es Muy ehFunky!"
- Eric

"Dude...this is outstanding. Big up ya self!!!"
- Rich Stern

"The mix is stunning."
- Jason L.

"Bleed your server dry. This is really really good shit! Lots of breaks and deepness feed my soul. Kill. You need to get this stuff A&R'd and publish."
- Rajulio Schwartz

- Jason

"Darvin im listening to it right now online and I love it! I really want a hard copy of this one. Your deep prog breaks are sooooo beautiful. I miss them much, as I do you my friend. Keep the beats coming, peace."
- Ben

"This is one super sexy mix. Thanks to you, I have opened up my eyes to breaks and I?m realizing how stunning they can be. I love the progression from the light, dreamy tracks to the deeper, dirtier ones. This mix is very seductive, it inspires me to close my eyes and dream sexy thoughts."
- Irena

"Hi Darvin, really nice selection. The "digital witchcraft" tune is amazing and the ils mix at the end is also one of my favourites from the past year."
- Math

"After arriving home from a late night out, I logged on, thinking it would be for a short time but have been instead finding myself listening to your mixes until 5 A.M. and I have work tomorrow!!! The sad part is, I was more intrigued by listening to your tunes than being with my friends... ahaha. Anyways, I'm listening to "Muse" right've managed to incorporate so much substance and emotion...I'm hooked. Thank you so much for sharing and rekindling that spirit in electronic music that seems, too often, to cease to exist. I feel revived and enlightened at 5 A.M. if that is humanly possible?"
- Danielle

"I liked most of the mix, its good to hear a mix by a Dj that can program. The front half of the mix to me sounds much stonger than the back. The mixes fit together much more evenly and the flow is smoother. Its sounds like they were all meant to go with each other, where as the latter sounds like it was just being straight beat mixed. Couple of the latter mixes move a little and it gets kind of slappy, some spots that sould be tightened up, but overall a fairly solid mix."
- Voske

"Darvin, you have had me hooked right from the get-go! I admire your ability and desire to work with a variety of styles, but I keep coming back to your subtly intense style, and Muse in particular. I particularly love the dark sensuality of this mix. It sets you on fire with a whisper and the creativity of rhythm gets even the most inert part of me dancing. It's truly a journey of sound and the purest, most healthy form of brain candy out there. ;) I'm so psyched at the thought of being transported by your music again at MN 2004 and Muse is the virtual fix to get me through to my birthday weekend again. ;) Play on!"
- WyldThyng


Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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