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Nokturnal's sounds cover a very wide range of genres from intelligent psydub and chillstep, to progressive breaks, progressive house and atmospheric drum and bass. His true skills however are shown during the night time hours when he can take a trancefloor from the deep side of funk and the dark side of groovy all the way to the in your face bliss of sonic enlightenment. Nokturnal is a DJ's DJ, and a trance addicts perfect fix.

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Only After Dark
Released: May 1, 2007
Genre: Psytrance - Minimal
Length: 1:06:58
Size: 154mb
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Track List:

1. Shadow Fx - Dr Elephant
2. Suncontrolspecies – Coma CDR
3. Tristan Boyle - C1
4. Sensient - Sona Arome
5. Anarchy - Wherever
6. N.A.S.A. - Penetration Generation
7. One Tastey Morsel - Psyconautical Engineering CDR
8. Sensient - Loose Frequency CDR
9. Sensient - Simple Sex
10. Tetrameth - 49th Vibration
11. Autonomech - Track 3 CDR



I wanted to showcase a few of my favorite unreleased tracks due out on Zenon Records compilations this summer as well as a track by Anna (Anarchy) and another by Mikkel (NASA). These tunes have me pretty excited to be getting out to the festivals and start letting the gems rip!!! This mix was a challenge as I had a fairly small pool of tracks to work with, and was also limited by the keys I could work in. And to top it off, my laptop and sound card decided to add a few artifacts to the recording which I did not realize until I was done, and will go back in and remove once I get my technical issues sorted out.

My thanks to Tim (Sensient), Tetrameth, Shadow Fx, One Tastey Morsel, Phat Kontrollerz, and Autonomech for letting me put this mix together to showcase their ridiculously awesome talents.

I will be playing many of these tracks out this weekend at Alliance in Vancouver this Saturday night, so if you want to here this stuff loud and clear, get your butt out and come and dance!!!



“One awesome mix man”
- Topher

“Nice mix bro, thanks!”
- Tim Sensient

“I think i may need a new pair of undies!!! ”
- Bender

“balls to the wall. some of the best tunes in existance... period.”
- Anonymous

“All about 'Session On' right now, good to see morsel getting some coverage too ”
- Tweekunit

“Yeah love that Aussie Zenon flavor”
- Alex

“Seriously wikid. This is the kind of trance I crave to move with - and it's intricate and lyrical enough to sit and listen to. A rare thing for me. I love trance but generally can't listen to it at home... thanks Darvin, BOOM! ”
- Synaesthesia

“I enjoyed it very much! Listened to it driving to work this morning - luvlee driving music it is... would love it on the dancefloor as well! Man I love that dark proggy minimal (and whatever else) sound. Great tracks and nice'n'smoove mixing (not to be confused with Nice'n'Smoove of the early 90's rap scene). Cheers ”
- Rosco

“Smooth and sexy as usual! ”
- Solomoon

“We LOVE your new mix for Zenon, it's exactly the type of psy that we enjoy!”
- Karen and Dave

“Really good new sounding and original tracks, and really solid mixes, it's excellent”
- Craig

“This is sick”
- Drew05

“WOW, this is REALLY good. Awesome mix, one of the best I've head in ages actually.”
- Ov3rdos3

“It took a while, but I finally listened to the whole thing start to finish. Here are my thoughts on this: after listening to the mix around the house, I found that it wasn't able to keep my attention. During this time I had played the mix at low volume, in the background. As you and I know, volume has a huge impact on psychedelic music. When the volume is low, you don't hear all of the subtle action going on beyond the bass. So I burnt a copy of the mix onto a disk and threw it on with the volume cranked in the car ride to work. Honestly the first 15 minutes I found to be quite lackluster. As this is a label mix, you need to stick to that labels artists, which could be some what limited, depending on the "pool" of resources that Zenon has to offer. But the bridge bewtween minute 15 an 16 all of a sudden the tracks got faster and busier, but still managing to keep a sembelence of minimal. The mix was going good. The mixes were tight. My only critic for the last part of the mix was the sample. Normally I like samples in psy. But samples are a double edged sword. They can either be damn chessy, or to long and deep. On the dance floor if a sample keeps going on and on, it pulls me back down from my "happy place" crashing back down to reality. The sample in the last track was far to long. It took away from the end of the journey. Mind you it did speak of interesting things, but IMO it was to long. Overall I would rate this mix a 8/10 ”
- Lair

“Coming up on 15 mins.....excellent intro-nice opening-impact. It pulls you in then smooths out. 13:17 gets a litlle deeper and the push is still there. Loving the progressive nature of the mix. A nice balance of organic and tech. 21:00-deeper still! Me love the deep. Percussion still strong. 31-just got chills. There is certainly a tribal balance that you have layered throughout so far. ie. percussion and rhythm. Yes-36. Ripped! 50ish, definitely more tech, darker and minimal. 54-powerful yet smooth. Interesting choice of tracks in the last 15mins. 56 the slight tribal element is back. Way to bring it together. 60 min-broken-a chance for reflection. Bubbling to the surface. 65-again working reflection through strings while maintaining a level of interest. A highly symbolic and enlightened finish.The overall theme is there. It is highly layered and rich in percussive and psychedelic elements. There is something in this mix for every fickle psy listener. The mix kept me interested through out and will no dought do the same for your listeners. There are some new sounds which is always entertaining. The tracks are well produced and your levels were on. The transitions were solid including your keys. You should be proud Darvin as I am to have had the opportunity to listen to this mix. What is even nicer is that it came from you, which makes it that much more personal and enriching. Lots of love and thank you.”
- Mark Thomas

“Fantastic selection! great mix, dude, keep spreading the proper sound stimulation. ”
- Konflux

“Fabulous set!! Especially from track 7”
- GenijeNajveci

“Huge respect to Zenon records ”
- Justin Chaos

“This mix is awesome! Played it at a Party me n a few friends put on in Mildura Australia. Thanks so much you have no idea how much we appreciate this set. ”
- Manifest


Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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