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Music, all forms and styles,
makes me complete.
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Nokturnal's sounds cover a very wide range of genres from intelligent psydub and chillstep, to progressive breaks, progressive house and atmospheric drum and bass. His true skills however are shown during the night time hours when he can take a trancefloor from the deep side of funk and the dark side of groovy all the way to the in your face bliss of sonic enlightenment. Nokturnal is a DJ's DJ, and a trance addicts perfect fix.

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Travelling Linty
Released: Oct 1, 2002
Genre: Breaks - Nu Skool
Length: 1:11:33
Size: 148mb
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Track List:

1. Contax: The Beats EP - Surge
2. Whitelable Unknown - Madonna remix
3. Medways Sean Cusick: The Fiscal EP - Column of Clouds
4. Whitelabel - Unknown
5. Maurice & Noble - Union Main Room Dub
6. Lee Coombs - Lamb Sweet
7. Beber - Chief Rocka
8. Deekline Nu Breed Ransom Phil K - Bushpig
9. Illko - Ill Rhythm
10. Andy Page & Babs - Oblivia Newton Bomb
11. Illko - Tazer
12. Don L - Lonely
13. Whitelabel Unknown - OPUS 3 Fine Day Remix
14. Ogenki Clinic - Kirapella



This one is for you Amanda. A mix of b-sides and oddities all with you in mind. It is sublte and weird, dark and playful. And it is probably the mix I am most proud of!! Love and light you pixie you. =)



"I'm in China right now and about twenty Chinese people are listening in on your session, they don't really know what to think. I think it's off the wall as usual, I'm really enjoying this, China doesn't really have a great musical selection so this is like water to a man in a desert. Thank you."
- Grey

"Is there a way I could get a copy of Travelling Linity? A way to dl it maybe? The first half is sick, actually all of it was. By the way what are you spinning when you come through Portland? I might make it up for that one, but I don't go to many parties anymore."
- Diotch

"I just listened to your Travelling Linty mix at I really enjoyed listen to it ... good mixing skills by the way."
- Felix

"Great set Darvin! So when are you gonna send me some CDs for the show dood?"
- Dylan Lane

"Hey Darvin, thanks so much for the cd! I really like it! I listened to it on Saturday when I was getting ready to go out and I really enjoyed it, and again tonight too. I freaked out that Its A Fine Day is on it because that is one of my favorite tracks and it reminds me of wicked times long ago! :) I will be listening to this one lots!"
- Nicole

"I really like the childout begining. columns of clouds is such an awsome song. The mixing all the way through was pretty solid I really didn't notice anything too off, (except when you mixed out of columns of clouds). I also liked when you droped that cool breaks remix of Elinor Rigby...very nice touch. That flowed nicely into it's a fine day. I liked the progression of the mix, started out chilled and then picked up and got into some harder stuff and then ended out pretty nicely."
- Montie

"I was blessed to recieve 2 mixes of Darvins, and one (Travelling Linty) I have not stopped listening to. Now if he's got a die hard deep househead groovin' then its gotta be good!"
- Inanna

"Still one of my favorite mixes ever."
- Anonymous

"This is my absolute favorite mix... Mr Nokturnal helped me truly appreciate the deeper side of breaks."
- Anonymous


Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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