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Nokturnal's sounds cover a very wide range of genres from intelligent psydub and chillstep, to progressive breaks, progressive house and atmospheric drum and bass. His true skills however are shown during the night time hours when he can take a trancefloor from the deep side of funk and the dark side of groovy all the way to the in your face bliss of sonic enlightenment. Nokturnal is a DJ's DJ, and a trance addicts perfect fix.

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Wander Fall
Released: Feb 1, 2005
Genre: Chill Out - Downtempo
Length: 1:17:46
Size: 163mb
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Track List:

1. Blowfish - Trumpet Fishology
2. Western Rebel Alliance - Fly
3. Ishq - Bhakti
4. Bluetech - Leaving Babylon
5. Future Sound of London - Cascade
6. Shakti - Anahata
7. Bluetech - 7th Phase dub
8. Abakus - Igmatik
9. Balashwaar - Doof
10. Chris McNamara - Martahaus
11. Solar Fields - Compressed Universe
12. Vibrasphere - Aguas Calientes
13. Shakta - Are We Leaning Yet?
14. Quade - Cascade
15. Future Sound of London - Cascade



Irena and I were out wandering around just before Christmas on the capital grounds in Edmonton one night. She decided to fall down suddenly and do a snow angel, and a fine one it was. The mix is like our walk that night in that it has moments of structure and movement that fall away to interludes of formlessness. I started this mix not long after our walk, finally acting on my admiration of Rusty's two ambient mixes.

I tried to stay away from anything too glitchy or ethnic, and focused instead on deeper, dubbier and more beautiful haunting sounds. As for the few vocals in the mix, any of the ones in English resonate with me in that they are not there by chance and I connect with their little messages so listen to what they have to say!

The mixing is nothing too fancy, my only concern was to make the transitions smooth and enjoyable, and to keep the listener guessing as to what will happen next.

One last thing, I would like to dedicate this compilation to a new little wonder name Edie Tangerine Stowell, Craig and Kathy's beautiful baby girl.

So I invite you to sit back quietly, alone or with a loved one, and enjoy this little journey!!



"This is pretty good, nice and spacey, some wicked beats too. Good job on the flow Darvin! The most important thing about a mix like this is a really smooth selection. You should show off your mixing skills a bit more (a tad more sampling and beatmatches, just to be a critic sorry), although it's not realy needed with the kind of tracks selected. What did you use for this? (cd?/recs?/bolth?) Make sure you DL my new mix as soon as I get hosting (I'll bump my thread when I do, just lazy). Props, make more like this. 3.5 out of 4."
- Baby k

"This totally caught me off guard... I love hearing other ambient mixes and popped my headphones on and settled down at work. Much respect to you for this mix... the vibe is perfect and I loved the journey very much. Also, the "let me be worthy" track is beautiful. I love this mix, thanks for sharing... glad to have met you."
- Dj Bridget

"Very nice, thank you very much... I love chill mixes. Good choice in music too, I would put half of those tracks in a chill mix also hehe, have a nice day!"
- Dan

"Listening to it at the moment as I have my morning coffee and "moment of reflection", heh. Very nice! I'm diggin this!"
- Rubicon

"Nothing to complain about here for me. Smooth mixing, superb track selection of dubby/psychedelic vibes and a very soothing atmosphere. Not surprising though, inspiration like the one you got always helps."
- Sand Leaper

"Well, I've been listening to this for a couple of days now and I really have nothing to critique. The mixing is well done and the mastering sounds very professional, and it seems to express your creative talents as well. Thanks for sharing! They are great tracks!!!"
- Skipperoo

"Definately deep, dubby, and beautifully haunting. Excellent track selection... thanks for sharing."
- Paul B

"Beautiful mix! I very much appreciated this!!!!"
- Dan

"I just checked it, sounds very nice... the intro is pretty scary. Thumbs up!"
- Oren

"Sounded nice to me, quite a few classics there. The mixing was good for ambient mixes. Sounds like something I'd here on a side system at a psytrance party. Heheh, like I'd know. Keep it up!"
- Manx

"Hi Darvin, I found your mix Wander Fall at tranceaddict forum and I am very very interessting in your other mixes. Sorry for my really bad english but I can't better :/ Wander Fall is the best mix I ever heard in the last time. Congratulations 4 that special sound! Greeting from Germany."
- Lang Bart

"I gotta' tell you... I have been listening to Wander Fall for a few weeks now and it still does the trick. What an amazing collection of tracks. Thanks again for this brilliant story! Do another one soon!!!!"
- Dj Monolith

"Darvin, I loved your music at the Oracle Gathering. In the morning you played the most beautiful song that I have ever heard at the end of your set; and then you gave me a cd with it on it. Thank you so much for your generousity and sharing your beauty with me. You're AMAZING! I listened to the entire cd three times today; and every time I hear track three of Wander Fall it sends me far far away into my ethereal starry home and I can feel and see tall white angels flying all around me. That track combined with your beautiful soul and intent brings tears to my eyes every time. It just amazes me how good you are at what you do; and how kind of a heart you have."
- Jessica Star

"Hi Darvin! I've been meaning to write you since the Oracle Gathering - My sweetie, Jessica (aka The Spirit Bear Princess), recently purchased a bunch of your CD's after we met you, and I can't tell you how much happiness and pleasure we both get from listening to your music! I play it from the web while I'm at my desk at work and it makes doing data entry a pleasure!!! I can't ever thank you enough, Darvin, you're amazing! Take care & I hope to see you again soon (maybe in Vancouver?). Peace & love"
- Anne (aka the Space Kitty)

"thanx, super soothing dazzleing"
- Anonymous

"This is my most favorite stuff right now and has been for months. I love this mix. Incredible."
- Anonymous

"I really need to buy your Wander Fall CD from you just to give you some props - I found a link to it on last year and it pretty much single-handedly pushed me over the edge into psy-ambient and psy-trance. My collection is massive now. Namaste!"
- Scott

"Howdy, Is a Calgarian on the westcoast still a Calgarian? No matter... I've come across a mix from a friend from a friend from a friend that has your name on it. Through the deductive powers of Sean Lineham a.k.a. Dj Guy Smiley I've hit your website. Anyway the whole reason here is just to say that I really enjoyed your mix Wander Fall, good job, it's a quality disc and it seems to be glued to my cd player. Cheers"
- Andrew

"Took my laptop and geeked out to Wander Fall. I love this mix!"
- Jenna


Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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