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Nokturnal's sounds cover a very wide range of genres from intelligent psydub and chillstep, to progressive breaks, progressive house and atmospheric drum and bass. His true skills however are shown during the night time hours when he can take a trancefloor from the deep side of funk and the dark side of groovy all the way to the in your face bliss of sonic enlightenment. Nokturnal is a DJ's DJ, and a trance addicts perfect fix.

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Released: Jul 1, 2006
Genre: Psytrance - Progressive
Length: 1:19:56
Size: 151mb
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Track List:

1. Echotek - Away
2. Sharon and Robert - Desire
3. Phony Orphants - Chicago Collins
4. Nyquist - Flatline
5. Dousk - Estrange
6. Bitmonx vs Fabio - Deep Sense
7. Freq - Short Life Again
8. Beat Bizarre - 2 Lame 2 Blame
9. Luna Spice - Melodeep (into mix)
10. Liguid Soul - Why
11. Mondayz Millionares - Balaindo
12. Gaudium - Fading Faith
13. Chakra - Opacity
14. Ticon - Six Years After



Exactly as my girl Irena ordered, each track and transition approved by her, this mix is deep, dark, dirty and very progressive. We had a VERY hard to compiling this one; making a cd with another person did make the process a long one but it was also something we both really enjoyed. This mix was also the nucleus of the set Norris and I played at Motion Notion this year. This is our attempt at staying true to the progy house/progy psy sound for a solid 80 min. Enjoy!



"I have just stumbled across this, and can't stop playing it! It's not as if I even don't get out much. Sublime. Cheers! :-)"
- Anonymous

"Well, what can I say? Another rock-fucking-solid mix! Nice work!"
- Solomoon

"Love this, sounds awesome!!"
- Anonymous

"Good sounds man!"
- Anonymous

"Nice indeed! I think you achieved what you intended...or that your gf intended?! Cheers!"
- Anonymous

"Overall great track selection, and the flow is pretty good as well, although it does lose a bit too much energy at times. The mixes are mostly pretty long and smooth, apart from a couple of sections where it is slighly offbeat, and generally I found the whole thing a good listen"
- Profane

"Nice mix man"
- Cubed

"Some killer tracks in here Darvin, reminds me of Motion Notion.... I make a "whip" sound at Nokturnal cuz of your girls involvement. I think you should have to have a duo DJ name for this mix since its a collaborative effort"
- Sundrop

"Nokturnal your progpsy sets are easily the best on I still listen to the previous one you did. This one is great too. More plz"
- THE Chris

"Props for a Canadian (Calgary at that) Psy DJ... BTW, your guys set at Motion Notion this year was SAVAGE!!... Excellent opening set for John 00 Fleming... Thumbsup!"
- J:Digital

"I like it too. Smooth and techy."
- Jorma

"nice mix friend wish i could come to shambala to here you ill relisten to this with bud while riding home from work tonight on my bike love new riding music much love"
- Patch

"Darvin that is a fucking gorgeous mix!!! Thanks!!!"
- Murray

"More on your mix: I have listened to it several times now. The whole mix is a true progression in itself. I really like the one track about three quarters or so that has that electro feel to it. My gf made some really positive comments about it too."
- Murray

"Hello Darvin, I just downloaded your Illucid mix from your post on TranceAddict. I must say I am impressed! Beautiful track selection and seamless mixing. I data mine the net for progressive mixes and yours ranks among the best. I can only listen to the other mixes you have online but not download. How can I acquire the rest of your mix? They would fit nicely among my mixes on my ipod. Thanks, and keep up the great work!"
- Brendan

"I am LOVING this music - and it has been a while since I heard music that I liked, so thank you my friend. I definitely have tracks that I like more so than others in there, so I will listen a couple more times and get back to you.. but thank you!!"
- RT

"Really enjoyed this mix...Lotsa variety & really kept my interest...Thanks!"
- Don

- Dj Tod

"Seriously dude that mix is fucking ILL! Can not wait to hear more!"
- Doubt

"Starts a bit slow at first, but otherwise it is an excellent set. Smooth mixing and not one bad tune."
- Aquarian

"This set had me strapped to my seat for the first 35-40mins... after that it left me in a regressive state. I could definately tell you put A LOT of hard work into this mix so it was more or less personal preference. Your mixing was good but theres always lots of room for improvement. Most noticeably the bass transition of track 6 to 7. When I get a few more listens in I will give a more in depth review. All around you are one of the few select DJs that incorporate my type of style which hovers around dark tribal and progressive house to progressive and psy trance. All in all you achieved exactly what you were looking for... a very deep dark moody mix"
- Blazed

"Nokturnal, love your style, do you know any other DJs that play similar to you? I remember MoShic played this type of prog some years ago, I do not know if you know his mixed CD... Distorted Patterns, pretty good stuff."
- Piero Cristiani

"I loved this mix. I listen to it while studying all the time."
- Preston Young

"Had a listen today on my way to and from work... I liked what I heard. Technically, it was all very sound, except for some minor details in the transition from (I think) track 3 to 4, but that was hardly noticable anyway. Structure wise it was well done too, as has been said before, it shows that thought has been put to the track selection. Only letdown for me personally was the fact that the psy-ish tracks started too soon, I was well enjoying the deep and dark prog tunes too much. But well, to each his own.Those first two tracks I have to check out further, they are good. Shite, no 12" releases as far as I can see.. Bummer."
- Basd

"Damn fine set man, I fully enjoyed it!"
- Sushipunk

"This mix is pretty sick. I love the deep, pumping, twisted beats. I am around 18 minutes into the mix, and loving it so far. 2:45 mins in now, still ridiculous, deep and driving, my favorite genre! Pretty seamless mixing. If I could wrangle a lossless copy from you somehow, you would be my God, keep up the awesome work!"
- Sorenj 07

"Very nice set ! I really love it."
- Dj Dox

"I love this sound : deep emotional ever-building and at times driving the work you put in the layout of the mixes..the artwork I mean. Good stuff."
- Salva

"Nice work - very dark (a bit too dark for me), but I appreciate the work that has gone into this. Nice blends between records."
- Auro

"Very good. Thanks for the streaming link."
- Mravel

"I love this mix. Thanks!!!"
- Tanshakeda

"Ok Ive gotten thru this mix and hell yeah!!!! GOOD SHIT!!! I really like your mixing and track selection, keep it up pleez "
- Ratboy

"I just have to say that your music, sir, is amazing. I have been listening to your Illucid mix for months, definitely have feedback that I promised myself I would give to you! Just wanted to say, thank you! For the music, and from what I see on your profile, for being an awesome human being :) Humbly "
- RT

"This is my first listen to psy... I'm a complete newbie to the electronica scene. Came across this mix looking for psy, curious to hear what it was, just liked the name... psytrance... well, this mix started out slow, I thought, well, this is ok I guess... then it hit me. I started to lose focus. Fucking amazing. Brilliant. I think I've found my niche."
- Anonymous

"This was a great intense experience all the way through - the easy paced tracks worked great and I waited for it to get a bit faster but was thankful when it didn't, I know - but it would have ruined the whole easy beated set, liked it a lot, just half way through it again today, very nice sound and perfect handling,imo. Thanks for a great piece of music. Loved it a lot. Cheers"
- Dereklangold


Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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